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What is G Sensor on a Dash Cam?

Purchasing a dashboard camera may prove to be a wise investment. 

Redtiger dash cam typically comes equipped with a built-in accelerometer known as a G-Sensor. This sensor activates your camera to begin recording whenever it detects an impact.

In other words, if another object or person hits your vehicle hard enough, the G-Sensor will signal the dashboard camera to begin recording the incident.  It is possible to set the G-Sensor so that it will only activate when it is subjected to a predetermined amount of force, preventing it from being triggered by insignificant events.

You can buy a Redtiger F7NP 4K dual dash cam equipped with G-Sensor technology if you don't want to spend the extra money on a high-end vehicle with this safety feature, such as Cadillac, BMW, Tesla, or Mercedes-Benz.


What Exactly is a "G Sensor"?

A G-sensor is incorporated into every dash cam. In a dash cam, the sensor that detects and records vibrations is called a G-sensor, which will help detect hit and run caught on the dash cam. If you are involved in a collision, the G-sensor will detect it.

The Redtiger F7N dash cam will immediately begin saving the recording it is currently making as an "emergency file" that cannot be deleted. The menu of the dash cam is typically where one can make adjustments to the G-sensitivity sensor's. It varies from dash cam type to dash cam type how the Emergency files are saved on the device.

Some dash cams keep the emergency files in a separate folder labelled Emergency, while others safeguard the video so that the dash cam's continuous recording feature cannot overwrite it.

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What is the Benefit of G Sensor on a Dash Cam?

A dash cam equipped with a G sensor to automatically record important footage without the need for intervention from the driver is the primary advantage of having a G sensor integrated into the device's design.

If you involved in an accident and have a dash camera, the important thing that you need to worry is pressing a button or checking to see if the recording has been stored.

Why Should I Invest in a Dash Cam?

There are numerous reasons to invest in a G sensor dash cam. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. A Dash Cam Can Save you From Crashing for Money

This point also holds for scam accidents, also known as "Crash for Cash." These accidents typically involve a full car of people causing an accident to obtain a payout from the insurance companies. This point also holds for scam accidents. Again, video footage from a dash cam can provide the evidence you need to establish your innocence and reduce the amount of stress you feel.

The phrase "Crash for Cash" has been appearing more frequently as a headline in our morning newspapers over the past year. The rise in the number of dishonest drivers is yet another reason to take preventative measures and purchase a dash cam for your vehicle.


2. You Can Save Money By Using a Dashboard Camera

Sensor dash cam provides several benefits, including an immediate return on investment. In addition, they can result in a reduction in the amount of your insurance premium.

The vast majority of drivers are completely unaware that this is even a possibility; however, many insurance companies are willing to offer a sizeable discount to drivers who have installed a dash cam in their vehicle. We have a close connection with these insurers, and as a result, we can point you in the right direction; this is relevant for both individual drivers and fleets.

3. You Can Capture Unbelievable Footage

There are numerous advantages of a dash cam. How often have you witnessed a reckless driver risking their lives by crossing three lanes of traffic on the interstate to make it to the next junction in time? Or watched someone try and fail comically to back into that crowded parking space in the reverse direction?

I'm willing to bet that on almost every day of your commute to work, you come across something that a photograph should document. A dash cam allows you to record and store important moments in your life, whether they are entertaining or downright dangerous.

How Does Gravity Sensing Function on a Fundamental Level?

To implement the gravity sensing function, the dash cam must incorporate an internal G-sensor chip and the other necessary components. A collection of safety measures is comprised of the gravity sensing system. Generally, it will typically consist of three sensors, a processor, and a controller.

The G-sensor is the component of the dash cam that serves as the sensor. It can detect changes in acceleration in real-time, as well as the surrounding environment and its acceleration value, and it is responsible for determining the acceleration value.

The driving recorder's two most essential chips are the processor and the controller. In that case, the controller will either issue an instruction to make special protection for the current video file or issue an alarm. The instruction to make special protection for the current video file will be issued if the processor determines that the recent gravitational acceleration is greater than the threshold. Within two hundred milliseconds, this sequence of events will conclude. When the sensor determines that the acceleration value has returned to the normal range, the dash cam will restart the recording once it was previously stopped.

What Exactly Does the G-sensor Do Inside the Dash Cam?

A high-quality dashboard camera should come equipped with gravity sensing to more accurately match the user's driving experience and record all aspects of an emergency. Because the actual driving state is one in which the road conditions constantly shift.

The gravity sensing function is necessary to bring back the original scene at the location.  When the dash cam detects an emergency stop or collision, it immediately begins recording automatically and saves the most important videos of the accident process. The loop video recording will not overwrite these videos because the dash cam saves them automatically. It can reconstruct the incident scene and quickly determine the truth and who was responsible for it.


Dash cams worth their salt ought to have a G sensor, and Dash Witness only features dash cams with this feature. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific dash cam or the functionality of the G sensor. The best Dash Cam is Redtiger F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam. This dash cam is best for high-tech reading. It has the best front-rear camera. Also, it is the best mini camera for a car.