10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Car

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Car - REDTIGER Official

Anna, 15th Aug 2022

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Car


A vehicle requires consistent care and maintenance if you want it to perform at its best. Not only does it save finances in the long run, but it also helps keep you safe. In this article, we will discuss 10 car basics you must know to be able to drive safely.


1. The Tire Pressure

A fundamental component of your drive, the tires should be in top condition when you take your car on the road. Proper tire pressure helps divide the weight of your vehicle evenly across the tire's tread pattern. This way, your tires and vehicle remain stable and balanced. However, if the tires aren’t properly inflated, it can lead to blowouts and collisions.

Moreover, the wrong tire inflation level can also impact your fuel efficiency. Therefore, it's critical to keep a check on tires and maintain the correct pressure. Even a simple tire pressure gauge can help you avoid a flat tire.

2. The Engine Oil Level

Your car needs engine oil to run smoothly, but if the oil level is too low, it can create friction and heating in cylinder walls, bearings, rings, and other crucial engine components. You can check the oil level by pulling the dipstick and see how much oil remains. If the color of the oil on the stick is black instead of gold, it's time to get your car's engine oil changed.

3. Transmission fluid

Every car owner should regularly check vehicle fluids like coolant, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. If any of these are inadequate, your vehicle will not perform its best and will be at a higher risk of accidents.

If your transmission fluid is not at the right level, it may cause a transmission failure while driving. Not only does your car stop running altogether, but repairing a failed transmission can be very costly. This is why you must check your transmission fluid level regularly and change it when its color turns from red to black.

4. The brakes

If there's one thing on your vehicle that you don't want to take for granted, it is the brakes. Keeping your brakes in top condition is critical if you want your car to remain safe. You should check your brakes regularly and change the breaking pads without waiting for that screeching sound. In addition, you should ensure that the brake oil level isn’t too low because that would mean your car won't be able to slow down or stop completely.

5. Wheel alignment

Driving over potholes and hitting road debris or curbs can cause bad wheel alignment. If you feel that your car is angling more towards a side while driving or the treads on some tires of your car are wearing out faster, you should check your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Getting your wheels aligned will ensure that your car steers and reacts the way you want it to. It improves the steering wheel’s response time, allowing you to make quick and safe turns.


6. The tire treads

The tire treads act as a bond between your car and the ground. The treads grip the road so your car doesn't swerve or slip off. However, if the impressions aren't deep enough or have worn out, your vehicle loses traction and is unable to slow down or stop immediately.

If you are driving in extreme weather conditions such as slippery, wet, or snow-covered roads, the tread depth, pattern design, and the rubber compound of the tread becomes crucial. You should look for any signs of wear on the tires, bulges, or lumps that might indicate a problem.

7. Car lights

Clear night vision is mandatory if you want to drive safely in the dark. If the lights on your car aren't working properly, it could result in an accident. All the lights, including turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights, and headlights, should be checked regularly. While a broken headlight is hard to miss, it is easy to overlook a burnt-out brake light or taillights.

8. Coolant and anti-freeze

Extreme weather isn't your car's best friend. So, if you want your car to drive smoothly despite the scorching heat and bone-chilling freeze outside, it's vital to maintain the required level of coolant and anti-freeze. A word of advice, though: Never add coolant to a hot engine. It's recommended to wait for the engine to cool off and then add the coolant. This helps avoid burns or cracking the engine block.

9. Power steering fluid

Proper steering wheel control enables you to drive your car confidently. But if the power steering fluid isn't up to the mark, you could end up losing control of your vehicle. This can be dangerous for your car and fatal for you. Therefore, you should always check the level of your car's fluids, including this one, if you want to enjoy a safe and stress-free drive.

10. Air filter

Your car needs oxygen to carry out its combustion process. The air filter makes sure that your car's engine receives clean air that's free from dust particles, sand, insects, or debris. If the air filter is dirty, the amount of clean air reaching the engine will be low, reducing its power and performance. You should regularly check your car's air filter and replace it as needed.


Your safety is paramount

Car maintenance is necessary if you want to increase the life of your vehicle. But more importantly, it is a conscious step towards your safety that you should not ignore. Despite your best efforts, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are driving on the road. From side-impact accidents to head-on collisions, keeping your car safe on the road can be challenging.

Luckily, many modern add-ons like dash cams for cars can help protect your car by capturing vehicle accidents and providing proof for police and insurance companies. While your car’s safety inspection is necessary for its best performance, dash cams offer added security as well as a backup plan if things go south.

Advanced technology like REDTIGER’s F7NS 4K Front Car Camera offers more than just video recording. It has a 24/7 parking mode that allows the device to record continuously for 24 hours with the parked car security camera. This feature ensures that your vehicle remains protected even when it’s parked and not running.

Other smart devices such as REDTIGER’s T700 Mirror Dash Cam even offer car reversing assistance. The camera automatically shifts to the reversing image and shows you an adjustable reversing aid line for easier parking.

Final word

If you own a car, it's critical to know the basic parts of a vehicle so you can maintain it properly. A well-functioning car is the first element of road safety. That's why you should regularly check its components and get professional help when needed.


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