Must know: 6 Teen Driving Safety Tips

Must know: 6 Teen Driving Safety Tips - REDTIGER Official

‚ÄĒNico, 15th Nov. 2022

Must know: 6 Teen Driving Safety Tips

After obtaining a driver’s license, teenagers often cannot wait to drive their new cars on the road. At this time, the problem of teens driving safety has become a concern of parents all over the world. Take America for example, car accidents are the main cause of death among American teens, according to the report. So, what problems should we pay attention to when teenagers drive? How to avoid accidents caused by young adult driving to the greatest extent? Whether you are a teenager or a parent, the following tips may be of some help to you.


Teen driving Safety Tips

1.Driving safety tips for young adults

The young generation is the hope of every country. The driving style of young people who do not pay attention to driving safety will cause great hidden danger to society, which is good to none but worse to yourself. In order to solve the problem, the following suggestions about teen road safety can be adopted.


2.Put your cell phone aside while driving

Has your phone ever pushed¬†you news with titles like¬†‚ÄúTeen¬†Killed in Car Crash‚ÄĚ?¬†If so, you¬†should take the real cases in the news as a wake-up call. If not, now you have.¬†


For many people, especially young ones, mobile phones have penetrated almost every aspect of life. However, the incidence of car accidents caused by teen texting driving is getting higher for teenagers who like to keep in touch with their friends by sending text messages. Therefore, one of the biggest dangers for teenage drivers on the road is using their mobile phones while holding the steering wheel. A study shows that a teen driver's reaction time when making a phone call while driving is the same as that of a 70-year-old driver. In addition, making a phone call while driving will delay the driver's reaction time by about 20%.


Thus, when you see this tip, just put your phone aside and concentrate on driving. It is not advisable to text or make a call when driving, and there is no necessary reason to use a mobile phone in the car. If there is something important that needs to be sent to your friends or parents, it is not too late to send it after driving to the destination. After all, personal safety is the top priority. A phone call is not considered worth the expense of your life.



3.No speeding and keep a safe distance

Rear-end collisions, which are usually caused by fast driving speed or long braking distance, also account for a large proportion of teen driving accidents. Thus, it is necessary to drive slowly and keep enough distance from the car in front. Do you have a hold on a speed of 60 miles per hour? It is equivalent to the length of a high school basketball court track that can be passed in only one second, and it takes longer than you think to stop your car at this speed.


Research shows that with the increase in mileage per hour, the probability of suffering traffic accidents will increase at a speed of 4% to 5% per mile. The faster the speed, the higher the danger. It is estimated that speeding is the most common factor causing traffic accidents, bringing about huge economic losses every year. Speeding saves only a few minutes, but the chance of accidents increases by 50%. Do you think it is worthwhile to drive over the speed limit?


Also, keeping a certain distance from the vehicle in front is of important. Keeping a safe distance is the most effective way to prevent rear-end collisions. There is no absolute numerical concept of safe distance, which depends on the specific situation. Generally speaking, the faster the speed is and the heavier the vehicle is, the longer the distance between vehicles will be.

At the same time, if the vehicle in front of you has an accident or brakes suddenly, keeping a certain distance will give you enough reaction time to avoid a car crash.


4.Try not to drive at night or in bad weather

Teenage drivers should not drive at night, because the night is the period of a high incidence of various accidents, and the light at night is not as bright as that in the daytime. It is difficult to judge the road conditions in front of the road due to the poor visibility, especially when driving on the road without street lights, accidents are more likely to occur. Furthermore, it is easy to get tired when driving for a long time at night, and vision and reaction ability will be reduced on the dark road. At this moment, a slight carelessness may lead to a car accident. That is why driving at night is not advised.


Likewise, driving in bad weather is not suggested. If you have to drive in heavy fog or rainstorm weather, remember to drive at low speed, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and be careful when turning. If the weather is extremely terrible, you can find a safe place to take shelter.


5.Fasten your seat belts

The safety belt is a kind of safety protection device, which is used to reduce the degree of injury in the event of an accident. If the driver does not wear a safety belt when a vehicle accident occurs, it will cause severe collision between the driver and the roof, front window glass, steering wheel as well as the instrument panel, bringing about fatal injury.


Teens lack experience in driving cars as well as assessment and appropriate response to dangerous situations, such as merging into highways, turning at crowded intersections, or driving in bad weather. If you use a seat belt when driving, you will have twice the chance of surviving an accident as if you do not wear a seat belt, and you can also reduce the chance of injury by 50%. What’s more, fastening car seat belts can not only effectively reduce casualties in traffic accidents, but also ensure correct driving posture and reduce fatigue.


6.Concentrating on your driving

Apart from the above teen driving safety tips, concentration is also essential for road safety. The secret to staying focused while driving is to get enough sleep. If you did not sleep well the night before and are intended to drive the next day, your attention to driving will be affected, meanwhile, you will feel sleepy, which may lead to an accident.


Hence, you should ensure good work and rest the day before driving to keep enough sleep and keep your spirits up. In the meantime, you should turn off the alert tone of your mobile phone, so that you can keep strong powers of concentration during driving. It is good for yourself and others to keep your focus when driving, especially when there are some friends in your car. You should be responsible for their personal safety as well as yours.


How to improve teen road safety?

Now we had just settled into autumn, which is the season of frequent accidents, so attention needs to be paid to road safety. When driving on the road, teen drivers will inevitably be at a loss for the complicated road conditions, but a dash cam can help you when driving. Do you know about its functions? We highly recommend the series of REDTIGER dash cams. Read on to see why the car camera is so useful to drivers.


The above teen driving safety tips mentioned that teenagers had better not drive at night because it is dangerous. However, if you have to drive at night, you need to slow down and carefully observe your surrounding road conditions. Also, a dash cam with night vision will be helpful to you. The REDTIGER dash cam boasts super night vision, which can take a clear picture in dark light and record clearly the license plate numbers of vehicles around.


But even in the daytime, teenage drivers also have driving problems. The main problems lie in two aspects: one is a lack of driving experience, and the other is their limited perception. The former can be solved with time, however, the latter needs to be remedied by modern technology like dash cams, tools for recording the image, sound, and the scene in the course of driving. Most REDTIGER dash cams own front and rear cameras, helping teenage drivers avoid potential dangers so as to improve teens driving safety.

If you install a dash cam with a rear camera, you can better observe the situation behind the car when reversing, reducing the probability of reversing accidents. In addition to serving as the reverse image assistant, the rear camera has a major role in avoiding unclear division of responsibilities and solving problems in the event of a rear-end collision.


Teen driving safety tips for parents

After reading the teen driving safety tips for young adults, are you curious about the tips for parents? Just read on!


1.Set a good example

Your driving behaviors¬†are¬†likely to affect your teenagers. If you set yourself a rule of ‚Äúdriving without making phone calls‚ÄĚ, and always restrain your behaviors¬†and keep your focus while driving, like putting your mobile phone aside and muting it, your teens¬†will also be well influenced by you to concentrate on driving, which can solve the problem of teen texting driving.


2.Teach your teenagers driving skills

According to incomplete statistics, on average, there will be a teen killed in a car crash every six minutes during high-occurrence seasons for car accidents. So, it is imperative to teach your teens some right driving skills. Tell your teenagers how to better adjust their seats and how to judge the distance from the car in front of their vehicles. If you have time in the evening, try to drive with your teens to train their ability to drive at night.


3.Teens driving safety assistant‚ÄĒREDTIGER dash cam


A little car camera may help a lot. REDTIGER dash cams have high resolution, and the dual ones boast a front camera of 4K resolution and a rear camera with 1080P resolution, which can record the road situations before and after the vehicle. Also, it can be used to record the conditions in the car or take pictures of the car if the rear camera is installed in the vehicle. In this case, a larger wide-angle car camera is needed. With a front camera of a 170¬įwide angle and a rear one of 140¬į wide angle, REDTIGER dash cams are just right for you.


If you cannot keep company when your teenagers are driving, you can use REDTIGER dash cams to record your teens’ real-time driving situation. Once you find your teenagers have bad behaviors while driving in the videos recorded by dash cams, such as looking at their cell phones, answering the phone, or sending a text message to their friends, you can timely remind and correct their behaviors after they come back. 


An excellent dash cam can not only guarantee teen driving safety, especially fall driving safety, but also reduce the phenomenon of teen texting driving. By the way, you can also show your teenagers the above teen driving safety tips so that they will be more alert and focused when driving.


4.Provide better driving training for teen adults

Factors to improve young adult driving habits are various. The above teen driving safety tips are all from a micro perspective, so here are some suggestions from a macro one: The government can take more effective measures, such as providing driving training courses, to educate teen drivers and regulate their driving habits.

Of course, the government's implementation of traffic laws and regulations also plays an important role in establishing teen road safety, which can be completed by extending the training time for young drivers, because it can give young adults more time to accumulate experience and learn how to drive correctly. Although this method prolongs the time that young people should spend on obtaining driving licenses, the effect will be undeniable.



Choosing the right dash cam and developing a responsible driving culture can effectively avoid traffic accidents. The traffic safety awareness of teenagers needs to be jointly cultivated by society and families. In the era of science and technology, only by establishing the concept of young adult driving safety as early as possible and making reasonable use of high-tech products can this society avoid unnecessary injuries. 


Hope these teen driving safety tips are useful and helpful to you. If you are interested in REDTIGER dash cams, click the link below to learn more: .


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