Multi Vehicle Accidents and How to Help Avoid Them

Multi Vehicle Accidents and How to Help Avoid Them - REDTIGER Official
Leon,September 9, 2022

Multi Vehicle Accidents and How to Help Avoid Them

As traffic develops, various types of vehicle accidents happen all the time, especially multi vehicle accidents, which often cause serious consequences. You may have ever seen the words like ‚Äútraffic accidents results in¬†many deaths‚Ä̬†or ‚Äúteenager dies in car crash‚Ä̬†in the news. But do not worry, the following passage will tell you some common types of car accidents and ways to avoid them. By the way, the REDTIGER dash cam that has a built-in GPS and can record driving routes, real-time speed and location may help a lot. ¬†


How Many Types of Vehicle Accidents Do You Know?

When driving a vehicle on the road, traffic accidents sometimes are avoidable. According to the location of traffic accidents, common car accidents can generally be divided into three types: urban traffic accidents, mountain highway traffic accidents and artery traffic accidents.


Urban traffic accidents

For the traffic lights are not installed in urban non-main intersections and outlying suburban areas, the accident probability of going straight vehicles accounts for about 30% of the total number of  vehicle accidents.

The second most frequent traffic accident is the left-turn accident, accounting for around 25% of the total, followed by the right-turn accident, which accounts for 20% or so of the total. These two types of car accidents always take place at a crossroads as well as at the entrance and exit of laneways or the gate of companies.

The incidence of rear-end collision accident is relatively low, amounting to about 13% of the total. It is usually caused by the close distance between the front and rear vehicles, which is more common in rainy or foggy weather. If there are various vehicles on the road, it is likely to result in multi vehicle rear-end collisions, triggering terrible multi vehicle accidents.

Traffic crashes on mountain highways

Due to the low grade of the roads, together with landslides, damage and disrepair, many mountain roads are narrow. In light of this, if drivers do not slow down on these roads or want to rush ahead of others, they are prone to traffic accidents.

When driving on a curve, it is easy to cause curve accidents owing to the fast speed, vehicle overload or wrong operation. What’s more, sliding forward or backward tends to occur on a ramp if the vehicle is overloaded or there are some damaged parts within the vehicle, leading to sliding accidents.

Traffic accidents on trunk roads

Arterial highways bear a large traffic volume in a region. As most people drive their vehicles in the middle of the road, once they meet other drivers at a high speed and do not pay attention to comity, they will fail to avoid and collide with each other, which is called passing accidents.

Parking accidents are also seen on the main roads. Because some vehicles are parked at random, once the tail lights are not turned on or there are no warning objects around the vehicle, especially at night, passing vehicles are likely to collide with the parking ones and result in accidents.


Causes and Results of Car Accidents

It is widely recognized that the causes of traffic accidents are various, and traffic accidents with different severity will cause varying degrees of casualties. The major causes of car accidents and the consequences of the accidents will be covered in the following sections.

Top 5 causes of car accidents

Based on dash cam car crashes, the top 5 causes of car accidents are summarized.

‚¶Ņ Objective factors: Some narrow roads with lots of bends and steep slopes lack necessary signs, markings and protective facilities. In this case, if the driver is careless, a major car accident will be caused. At the same time, the severe stormy weather and snowstorms can readily blur drivers‚Äôvision and make vehicles skid, giving rise to multi vehicle accidents.

‚¶Ņ Poor vehicle conditions: If the technical conditions, particularly the braking system, the steering system as well as the front and rear axle, of the moving vehicle are poor, and the vehicle owner doesnot check or repair them in time, the consequences will be unthinkable.

‚¶Ņ Carelessness: Psychological confusion, distraction, slow response and other adverse effects will occur if drivers are in distress, anxiety and excitement, according to the study. Some drivers may even answer the phone on account of official business or private affairs, which increases certain risks for traffic safety.

‚¶Ņ Operational issues: As some unskilled and inexperienced drivers lack the common sense of safe driving and are not familiar with the conditions of complex roads, they are apt to panic in case of sudden situations, and operation errors may happen at the moment.

‚¶Ņ Violation of regulations: Multi vehicle accidents occur in that drivers do not drive in accordance with traffic laws and regulations or traffic safety rules, such as drunk driving, speeding, road racing and fatigue driving.

The above are the top 5 causes of car accidents, of course, there are also other causes like the failure to meet safety responsibilities.


Results of vehicle accidents

The direct consequence caused by traffic accidents, the product of industrial development, is the reduction of social wealth.

In a narrow sense, traffic accidents are an infringement on the right to personal health and property ownership of people, which affects the happiness of individuals or families. For instance, if a teenager dies in car crash, his or her family will be in agony.

From a broad perspective, they will have a great impact on the economic construction, social ability and long-term stability of the country. For example, multi vehicle accidents will seriously damage the normal traffic order and probably pose a potential threat to the majority of traffic participants.

How to Avoid Car Accidents?

Most car accidents are caused by human factors, so how to avoid them as much as possible? Read on to discover the answers and we hope they will provide some assistance to you.

Obey the traffic rules

Speeding, overloading and changing lanes at will are very dangerous, especially speeding. Hasty acceleration may lead to traffic accidents if you have no idea about the surrounding driving conditions. Therefore, you need to abide by the traffic rules and fasten the safety belt, which is beneficial to yourself as well as other drivers on the road.

Regularly maintain your vehicle

More than a few vehicle accidents triggering a series of car crashes occur on roads. Take multi vehicle accidents for example, if a large truck collides with other vehicles by reason of a flat tire, the subsequent vehicle drivers will likely have no time to slow down and directly collide with each other, leading to more serious multi-car accidents. Accordingly, go to the car repair shop to check the car parts at regular intervals, especially the tires.


Never drink and drive

Drinking has a certain impact on your brain reaction, judgment and attention. If you drive after drinking on the road with heavy traffic, once a vehicle accident occurs, it is highly possible that there will be a series of rear-end collision accidents, which will result in multi vehicle accidents.

Concentrate on driving

Be careful and pay attention while driving so as to focus on the road conditions and make correct judgments. Remember not to answer the phone or play with your mobile phone when driving. Only by laying emphasis on the details can you try to avoid the accident.

No fatigue driving

Do not drive when you are tired, for fatigue can slow your reaction and decline your consciousness so that you may make judgment mistakes, leading to car accidents. Hence, it is important to properly reduce the entertainment or working time at night to assure enough sleep.  

Draw clear and accurate road markings

Clear and accurate road markings can prevent car accidents. When driving on the road, the first prerequisite is to see and observe various kinds of traffic signs, markings and signal lights. The function of road markings is to indicate road characteristics, give a hint to drivers and ensure traffic safety so as to better control and guide traffic.

In mountainous areas and towns, trunk roads are densely distributed. Thus, the central lines as well as the fast and slow lane lines ought to be clearly drawn to avoid car accidents. 

In addition, traffic accidents occur frequently on highways. Therefore, some speed limit signs are set on highways to prevent multi-car accidents.

Install a dash cam

Choosing a good dash cam is of great use when facing various types of vehicle accidents. The dash cam is an electronic device that records scenes of a moving vehicle.

Statistics show that traffic accidents have been reduced by nearly 50% in the decade since the development of the dash cam, thanks to its recording system. As the dash cam has gradually become mainstream, its importance is beyond doubt.

Sometimes, dash cam car crashes on the road may be recorded. By analyzing the causes of these crashes, you can learn a lesson and take appropriate measures to avoid them.


Why dash cams are of great importance?

If every vehicle is equipped with a dash cam, there will be a decrease in the car accident rate as well as hit-and-run cases. The importance of dash cams can be seen clearly. REDTIGER dash cam is fully functional, which is a fine choice to avoid vehicle accidents. If you are curious about its functions, the following introduction may be helpful to you.

Here are some main functions of the REDTIGER dash cam:

G-sensor: The dash cam has a built-in G-sensor that can sense the change of acceleration force, such as shaking, falling and rising, and convert the force into electrical signals. Under the normal working condition of the dash cam, when the car body vibrates due to collision, G-sensor will automatically lock the captured video to ensure the video will not be automatically overwritten in the next footage.

If you run into a car accident, the video of the car accident caught on dash cam will be automatically saved by G-sensor, which can provide evidence for the accident to prevent the inevitable traffic scam in today’s society.

Wide angle lens: Generally speaking, the camera angle of dash cams is mostly around 100 degrees. However, the REDTIGER dash cam boasts a front camera with a wide angle of 170 degrees, which is the widest shooting angle in the market at present, and a 150-degree wide-angle rear camera. The dual camera can greatly ensure that the lanes on both sides of the vehicle can be photographed.

The larger the wide angle of the dash cam is, the smaller the blind area will be. When driving on the road, the wide field of view of the dual camera can help you eliminate as many blind areas as possible so as to better record any possible car accidents. If you are involved in a car accident, the video of the car accident caught on dash cam can provide strong evidence for the police to effectively protect your legal rights and interests. By the same token, the wide-angle dual camera can also present more evidence for multi vehicle accidents.

High clarity: When the video resolution is 1280*720P, the number plates of the front vehicles can be seen clearly while the number plates of vehicles in the next lane are relatively blurred. Do not worry, the REDTIGER dash cam can solve such problems. With full HD 4K 3840*2160P on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the rear one, it can completely and clearly record road signs, number plates and other key details. You can use these details to protect yourself to the greatest extent in the event of a vehicle accident.



All in all, it is necessary to install a dash cam if you want to know the specific process after a multi-car accident happened. For it is hard to avoid bumps on the road with complex conditions, you can trace the process of the event through the recorded accident video to reduce your losses.  

We believe that you have already made a conclusion in your mind after reading the above. Sure, dash cams can remarkably guarantee traffic safety. If you are considering buying a dash cam, the REDTIGER T700 Mirror dash cam that owns lots of smart functions and a variety of  specifications may be a wonderful choice for you. Click on the link to learn more.


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