Why it is important to get a dash cam with GPS

1.Do you really need GPS on a dash cam?

2.What are the benefits of GPS dash cam?

3.Can you track a dash cam with GPS?

4.What is the best front and rear dash cam with GPS?

5.Frequently Asked Questions about Dash Cams with GPS

In today's technologically advanced world, ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle has become paramount. A dash cam with GPS, also known as a GPS dash cam, offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond simple video recording. This article will delve into the importance of integrating GPS into your dash cam, exploring its benefits, tracking capabilities, and recommendations for the best front and rear dash cams with GPS.

1.Do You Really Need GPS on a Dash Cam?

When considering the purchase of a dash cam, you might wonder whether GPS functionality is a necessary feature. A dash cam, or dashboard camera, is a small camera mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle, designed to record the view from the front (and sometimes the back) of the car. 


While a basic dash cam captures video footage, a GPS dash cam adds a layer of sophistication by recording the exact location, speed, and route of the vehicle. This additional data can be invaluable in various situations, such as providing concrete evidence in the event of an accident, verifying the location of an incident, or even assisting in navigation. 


Therefore, integrating GPS into your dash cam can significantly enhance its utility and reliability, making it a worthy investment for any vehicle owner.

2. What Are the Benefits of a GPS Dash Cam?

The benefits of a GPS dash cam are numerous and multifaceted. 


Firstly, a GPS dash cam provides accurate geolocation data that can be crucial in legal and insurance matters. In the unfortunate event of a collision, the GPS data can corroborate your account of the incident, showing the exact location and speed at the time of the accident. Secondly, this feature is particularly beneficial for fleet management. Businesses can monitor the routes and driving behavior of their drivers, ensuring compliance with company policies and improving overall efficiency. 


Additionally, a GPS dash cam can serve as a deterrent against theft and unauthorized use of the vehicle. Knowing that the vehicle's movements are being tracked can discourage potential thieves. Moreover, some advanced GPS dash cams come with real-time tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the vehicle's location in real-time from a remote device. 


This can be particularly useful for parents keeping an eye on their teenage drivers or for businesses managing a fleet of vehicles.

3. Can You Track a Dash Cam with GPS?

Yes, you can track a dash cam that is equipped with GPS functionality. A GPS dash cam records the vehicle's real-time location data and stores it along with the video footage. This means that you can not only see what happened but also where it happened. Some GPS dash cams offer recording tracking features that allow you to check the vehicle's location in recorded video, which can be accessed via a smart phone app or a dedicated GPS player. 

This capability is particularly useful in scenarios involving theft recovery, fleet management, or ensuring the safety of family members who are driving. Additionally, the GPS data can be used to recreate the path taken by the vehicle, providing a comprehensive overview of the journey. This feature is especially advantageous for business owners who need to keep track of their fleet's routes and ensure that drivers are adhering to prescribed paths and schedules. 

4.What Is the Best Front and Rear Dash Cam with GPS?

When it comes to selecting the best front and rear dash cam with GPS, several factors need to be considered, including video quality, ease of installation, and additional features. 

A top contender in this category is the Redtiger F7NP Dash Cam. This model offers dual-lens technology, capturing high-quality video footage from both the front and rear of the vehicle. It also includes built-in GPS for accurate location tracking, along with WIFI and app control for hands-free operation. 

When your vehicle experiences a collision, the F7NP will automatically lock the video containing the GPS driving route and store it separately in the emergency folder. You can connect to the dash cam using the app, retrieve, and download the video segment with front and rear GPS records to your phone. This useful video can serve as evidence to prove your case to the police or to request a claim from your insurance company.


In conclusion, a dash cam with GPS offers a wealth of benefits that extend beyond simple video recording. From providing crucial evidence in legal disputes to enhancing fleet management and vehicle security, the integration of GPS into your dash cam can significantly elevate its functionality and utility. Investing in a high-quality GPS dash cam is a prudent decision for any vehicle owner, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive protection on the road.

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5.Frequently Asked Questions about Dash Cams with GPS

How does a dash cam with GPS work?

A dash cam with GPS uses a built-in GPS receiver to track the vehicle's location and speed. It records the video footage and overlays it with the GPS data, including the date, time, location, and speed. This information can be useful in case of an accident or other incidents on the road.


an I use a dash cam with GPS without an internet connection?

Yes, you can use a dash cam with GPS without an internet connection. The GPS receiver in the dash cam works independently of the internet. However, if you want to view the footage on your smart phone , you will need a dash cam WIFI connection.


How accurate is the GPS tracking on dash cams?

The accuracy of the GPS tracking on dash cams can vary depending on the quality of the GPS receiver and the conditions of the environment. Generally, most dash cams with GPS have an accuracy of +/- 10 meters, which is sufficient for most purposes.


Are there any subscription fees for GPS features?

Some dash cams with GPS may require a subscription fee for additional features such as live tracking and cloud storage. However, many dash cams come with basic GPS features that do not require a subscription fee.


Can I transfer and view dash cam footage on my smartphone?

Yes, many dash cams with GPS allow you to transfer and view footage on your smartphone via WiFi or a mobile app. This can be useful for reviewing footage on the go or sharing it with others.