Why the F7NS Dash Cam is a Must-Have for Every Driver

With the increasing number of road accidents and fraudulent claims, it has become essential for drivers to have a reliable and high-quality dash cam to protect themselves on the road. One of the best options available in the market is the F7NS dash cam from REDTIGER. In this blog, we'll explore why the F7NS is a must-have for every driver and how it stands out from other dash cams.

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  • Comparison to Other Dash Cams
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  • Comparison Among Redtiger F7NP, F7N and F7NS

Features of F7NS Dash Cam:

4K Front Dash Cam for Top-Quality Video: The F7NS dash cam is equipped with an ultra-high definition 4K front camera, capable of recording video in 3840x2160P@30fps, 2560x1440P@60fps, or 1920x1080P@120fps resolutions. This means that every detail on the road is captured in high-definition, making it easy to read road signs, license plates, and other important details. It's an ideal choice for vehicles such as trucks, semi-trucks, pickups, and SUVs.

Night Vision for Clear Footage Even in Low Light: One of the biggest challenges when driving at night is capturing clear footage of the road ahead. The F7NS dash cam has a large F1.5 aperture and six glass lenses that capture important details clearly, even in low light conditions. It automatically adjusts the exposure and ensures the clarity of images with the help of professional WDR and HDR technology, making car license plates easily visible. The 170¬į wide-angle lens reduces blind spots and captures more scenes on the road.

Wi-Fi and Smartphone App for Easy Management: The F7NS dash cam can easily connect to your smartphone with the built-in Wi-Fi. You can use the REDTIGER app to operate live preview, playback, and device management on your smartphone. You can also download video files to your smartphone and share them with your friends on social media.

GPS and Super Capacitor for Added Safety: The F7NS dash cam is equipped with a GPS module that records your driving location and speed accurately. You can view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps via Wi-Fi, either through the app or with our Windows and Mac compatible GPS viewer. This provides additional evidence in case of any accidents. The super capacitor prevents the risk of overheating and exploding, making it a safer option for your vehicle.

G-Sensor, Loop Recording, and 24-Hour Parking Monitor for Constant Security: The F7NS dash cam has a G-sensor that automatically locks and saves any footage in case of sudden shock or collision. When the memory card is full, the loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest file. The 24-hour parking monitor ensures constant security for your vehicle, with the help of time-lapse function that saves memory space.

Comparison to Other Dash Cams:

Compared to other dash cams in the market, the F7NS stands out with its 4K front dash cam, night vision, GPS, and super capacitor features. It also has a wider field of view and a user-friendly interface.


In conclusion, the REDTIGER F7NS dash cam is an excellent choice for any vehicle owner who is concerned about safety on the road. With its 4K resolution, night vision, GPS and super capacitor, this dash cam offers the latest technology to provide clear and accurate footage of any incidents that may occur while driving. Additionally, features such as loop recording, G-sensor, and 24-hour parking monitor ensure that your car is protected even when parked.

The ability to connect the dash cam to a smartphone app via WiFi and the ease of use with its suction cup installation further make it a great option for anyone looking for a simple and user-friendly dash cam. With its 1-year warranty and 24/7 technical support, you can feel confident in your purchase and trust that the REDTIGER team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Overall, the REDTIGER F7NS dash cam offers a reliable and advanced solution to help you stay safe and secure while driving. Investing in this dash cam can provide peace of mind and protection, making it a smart choice for any vehicle owner.

Comparison Among Redtiger F7NS, F7NP and F7N

Resolution4K 4K+1080P4K+1080P
Wide Angle Lens170¬į170¬į+140¬į170¬į+140¬į
Built-in GPSYesYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectionYesYesYes
SD CardNot included32GB includedNot included
Parking MonitorYesYesYes
Night VisionSuper Clear Night VisionSuper Clear Night VisionSuper Clear Night Vision
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