How To Choose A Good Dash Cam Simply And Quickly?

How To Choose A Good Dash Cam Simply And Quickly? - REDTIGER Official
-David,Nov. 14, 2022

Why install a dash cam?

Preventing blackmail and convenient accident liability determination, which should be the most important function of dash cams.

In quite a few areas of the country, the installation of the GPS system is mandatory for five types of vehicles (dangerous merchandise transport vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, buses, and taxis). At the same time, passenger transport, as well as dangerous goods transport, also needs to install car video. The dash cam for private cars is a simplified version of these professional vehicle recording systems. Then how to choose a good dash cam, you will find the answer after reading this article.


What dash cam to buy depends on what you want to record

Before rushing to choose the best camera for car, decide on the number of dash cam lenses based on what you need to record on a daily basis.

Single channel dash cam

Single-lens vehicle traveling data recorder is the most common and primitive form. We all know that the vehicle traveling data recorder is responsible for shooting driving footage and preserving evidence. So the wider you shoot, the less likely you are to miss something. Although each lens has a wide angle, under normal circumstances a wide angle can only reach a maximum of about 150 degrees, any video shot beyond this range will be severely distorted.

Two-channel dash cam

In order to solve the problem of deformation caused by a wide angle which is too large in a single-channel dash cam, a dual-lens dash cam was introduced by some brands, and Redtiger is one of them. The wide Angle of a single lens is low, but the cost will be decreased a lot. With two lenses, the monitoring scope is much larger than a single lens of a vehicle traveling data recorder, and shooting video images will not appear in any deformation.

Why choose two-channel dash cams?

For one thing, the rear camera prevents a car from scraping you from the rear or side. The rear-end collision is entirely the responsibility of the car behind, but some people will pass the buck. In this case, rear cameras are necessary.

In addition, if the vehicle does not have a rear-view mirror, the dual-dash cams can be used as a reversing image, and some Redtiger dash cams are specially equipped with relevant functions. Especially for some large trucks, the blind area is relatively large, so installing the dual channel tachograph is necessary.

Finally, the price difference between single-channel and two-channel car recorders is not much, the latter is more cost-effective.

Three-channel dash cam

The so-called three-lens means that the product itself has three cameras. High-quality dash cams can simultaneously cover the front of the car, inside the car(left, right), and behind the car. Due to the use of the wide-angle lens, the three lenses can basically cover a 360°circle around the front and the back of the car, and capture the entire driving record from a full angle, bringing more complete video preservation for safe driving. In comparison with the common single-channel dash cam in the market, it has a large angle range and driving safety.

The corresponding increase in cameras will lead to an increase in the price of dashcams. Therefore,three-channel dash cams are more suitable for the following people.

For example, a taxi driver might be the perfect buyer of a three-lane dash cam. That's because he needs a camera that can monitor the environment inside the car to make sure he knows what's going on inside. Provided that the passengers' property is lost, they can help them in time or prove their innocence to prevent unnecessary disputes and slander.

In comparison, among the above three kinds of dash cams, two-channel dash cams are the most suitable for the public and the one with the highest cost performance, which can serve as the best camera for cars.


Key points of the dash cam to buy——takes Redtiger dash cam as an example

I bet you can't wait to know how to choose a good dash cam, the factors mentioned below can be the most detailed points to pay attention to when purchasing the best camera for a car.

1、Video pixel

Reflecting the clarity of video recording, it is recommended to choose more than 200w video pixels.

2、Picture quality resolution

Most dash cam video resolution is generally above 1080P, and the higher the resolution like 1600P and 2160P (4K), the higher the resolution is, the higher the requirements on the image processing chip and the higher the cost is naturally.

3、The aperture of the main lens mainly affects the video recording effect of the car CAM at night. The larger the gap, the better the light input, which also means that the photos and videos recorded at night will not be black. The smaller the value after F, the better the night vision effect, and the parameter value is between F1.5 and F2.2.

4、Video Angle refers to the width of the video recording, that is, the size of the field of vision. The wide Angle is not the bigger the better. If the wide Angle is not enough, the recorded picture is relatively narrow, and the condition of the next lane may not be visible. The wide Angle is too large, and the picture will be distorted so much that it will look uncomfortable when played back. Mainstream dash cams have wide angles of around 140 degrees, so we can use 140 degrees as a reference.

5、Basic functions: automatic cycle video, emergency video, collision (gravity) sensing video, 24-hour parking monitoring

6、Additional features: built-in electronic dog, ADAS driving assistance function, button capture picture, remote monitoring, intelligent voice control, reversing image, and so on.

Basic functions

The following are the necessary functions provided that you are learning how to choose a good dash cam. Once one of them is missing, it will bring an army of troubles to customers.

1、Loop recording

When the storage card capacity of the Redtiger dash cam is full, the loop recording function of the dash cam will delete the part of the video farthest away from the current time to obtain a new volume, so as to maintain the loop recording.

In addition, people can set their own cycle recording time, which can be set at intervals of 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. They also don't have to worry about the video recordings of traffic accidents being blacked out. According to the optimization algorithm of the Redtiger dash cam, it will be locked and stored independently, which is not easy to be covered and deleted.

2、Gravity sensor

Weight sensing is an essential function of the best camera for cars. This function senses changes in force as the vehicle accelerates. When the vehicle is violently shaken or crashed, the Redtiger dash cams will automatically lock the video and save it, which will not be overwritten by other videos. This function can help the owner restore the scene situation, and find out the attribution of responsibility, for the owner to reduce certain losses.

3、24-hour parking monitoring

Whether it is necessary to carry out 24-hour monitoring of the dash cams also needs to be discussed in different cases. For example, the parking environment is particularly poor and easy to leads to scratch accidents; the price of cars is particularly high; in most cases, there are valuables inside the car. In these cases, it is recommended to turn on the Redtiger dash cam 24 hours for monitoring. In other cases, you can make decisions according to your own needs.


Additional features

Redtiger dash cams have developed some special functions to meet the needs of customers. Of course, with more features, the price of them will rise accordingly. Here are the keys to knowing what dash cam to buy concretely.

1、The night vision

The backup camera of Redtiger dash cam can improve low-light sensitivity, enabling clear imaging in low-light environments. The combination of an F1.5 large aperture and 6 glass lenses, professional WDR, and HDR technology ensures the clarity of night images. Therefore, no auxiliary light source is needed to capture ultra-sharp images in any low-light environment.

2、WiFi -- smartphone APP

2.5K car camcorder front-facing video recorder has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to your smartphone app. With the "REDTIGER" app, you can easily operate live preview, capture images, playback, and customize settings on your smartphone. What's more, video files can be downloaded to smartphones and easily shared with friends via social media.


The GPS module accurately records your driving position and speed and much more. View your driving route and tracker on Google Maps via Wi-Fi using the app or else with our Windows and Mac-compatible GPS viewer, providing additional evidence should an accident occur.

4、 Supercapacitor

Supercapacitors of the Redtiger dash cam can withstand extreme temperatures, preventing overheating and the risk of explosion.

5、Parking assistance

When reversing, the rearview camera automatically switches to the reverse image. The screen comes with an adjustable reverse assist cable so you can manually adjust the stop line for easier parking.

What kind of the best camera for a car is worth buying?

After knowing exactly how to choose a good dash cam, we are supposed to learn that, the most important assessment index of onboard electronic products is stability, and the same is true for dash recorders. The most important assessment index of the recorder is stability.

A recorder is a complex electronic product, which is used in the car all year round and needs to run at high temperatures and strong vibrations. The average repair rate in the industry is as high as 3~5%. So when you're choosing a dash cam to buy, give priority to a stable product rather than one with lots of features.

In my personal opinion, if you intend to choose a good dash cam to buy, you are supposed to learn that the most important function of the dash cam is to record the driving picture. Stable records and clear records are the factors that must be considered. No matter how fancy the features of the dash cam to buy are, firstly make sure that these two prerequisites are met.


Choose the look that you like

Last, the products on the market at present can be roughly divided into three categories from whether there is a screen, just pick what you prefer!

Firstly, there is a screen version, which can be used to directly play back the recorded video. It can be divided into the ordinary version and the rear view mirror version according to the screen size and the installation position. The ordinary version will generally have a corresponding matching mounting bracket, it can be mounted directly on the front windshield.

The rear view mirror version has the largest volume and a large screen, which requires being directly mounted on the original rear view mirror of the car and can be used instead of the original rear view mirror.

The second one is the non-screen version, which is usually small in size and has its own hot spot function. It needs to be used with the mobile APP and the video can solely be viewed from the mobile phone APP end.

The third one is the HUD version. This one mainly displays the navigation screen and parameter settings. It is not suitable for playing videos for the reason that too much detail will be lost.


In general, you can follow these steps to find the best camera for your car. Firstly, based on the factors such as the parking environment, vehicle value, and occupational environment, we decide on the number of lenses the dash cams should be equipped with. There is one more point, select appropriate parameters according to actual needs, and ensure that the selected dash cam has all the basic functions mentioned above.

Thirdly, the extra features don't have to be completely owned, and customers can choose according to their driving situation and budget. Last but not least, we should ensure that the dash cam is purchased from a big brand to ensure its stability and reduce the frequency of repair. And how do you know how to choose a good dash cam?


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