These are the Things I Wish I Knew before I Started Driving

These are the Things I Wish I Knew before I Started Driving - REDTIGER Official
Teray, 17th Aug 2022

These are the Things I Wish I Knew before I Started Driving

Holding the steering wheel and being on the road is always daunting for someone who wants to drive and has been expressing it rather openly in their close circle. When you pull up on the busy highway for the first time, you always think back to something that you probably have missed when studying for your driver’s license. 

When driving for the first time, your thoughts are most likely to circle back to the fact that each year, more people become licensed drivers; traffic incidents, road expansions, and other factors may result in more accidents involving cars. 

In such circumstances, it is imperative to know more tips on driver safety. For that very reason, here is a list of things I wish I knew before I started driving.

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Driving

Check the Exterior of the Car

When we are preparing to start driving, we frequently listen for any odd sounds that might be coming from the engine or interior of the automobile. We frequently watch for lights to flash on our dashboards that indicate a problem or strange odor that could be coming from the vehicle itself. Given the significance of those factors, it is imperative that you be conscious of your surroundings BEFORE starting the automobile and driving to your destination.

Maintenance for Gas or Oil Tank 

Let's face it, filling your petrol tank takes work. To avoid having to fill the car's gas tank myself, I used to wait until my dad was checking on my car to make sure no "new" bruises and scrapes had been caused while using it. I would then toss the keys at him and run away. After moving out on my own, I came to understand that filling up your gas tank before it gets close to the flashing "E" for empty on your dashboard saves you time and unneeded stress.

Safety Kit 

A comprehensive emergency kit should be included within your glove box with all the information on your medical conditions, a list of emergency contacts, a flashlight, a camera, a pen and paper, and first aid supplies. To ensure that the appropriate persons can be contacted for assistance as soon as possible, the driver should always have a cell phone with them and should have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) folder in his or her contacts. This is without a doubt the most effective technique to handle an accident right away.

Use Signal Indicators

You can communicate with other drivers while driving thanks to your car's indicators. Make it a habit to use your turn signals far in advance of lane changes, passing other vehicles, and stopping on main highways. It gives you the room you need to turn safely while alerting other vehicles to slow down.

Customize for your Safety Awareness

One great tip that I found is that you can make additions to your car that can better your driving experience. One such is a guard dash cam that can record footage while you drive. With the roads getting crowded with an influx of young drivers every now and then, it is essential to install a road safety guard dash cam by RedTiger in case of any unfortunate event such as a traffic accident. Footage recorded from this device has saved plenty of people in the past as a proof of their driving innocence. It has also saved people by alerting their family members about their accident. 

Seatbelts are for Everyone

Don't make the mistake of assuming that all passengers in your car are wearing their seat belts. It's a good idea to double-check each time you get into the car, especially if you're touring with friends or family members who aren't used to being road trip regulars. The law requires all passengers to wear seat belts; otherwise, it's considered a traffic infraction and can cost you significantly per person. 

It may seem like a hassle at first, but it's really an easy way to ensure everyone has the best chance of surviving an accident—and that includes yourself! In fact, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration surveys, seat belt usage prevents about 9 out of 10 unbelted drivers from being seriously injured in crashes where they could have been protected by using one. 


Accessorize for Better Night Vision

The importance of dash cams extends far from just recording. By installing a dual dash cam or a guard dash cam with a clean night vision can help increase driver safety. There are only a handful of companies that offer a dash cam with really good resolution and one such is REDTIGER. Since they are affordable and very accessible, you can get them and install them in your car today!

Here I would especially recommend REDTIGER T700,REDTIGER T700 dual lens car security camera has been sold over 30 countries and is popular in driving safety. It is real 4K UHD dual dash cam.

This dash cam has an 11-inch ultra-high-definition large screen, one-button easy parking assistance, and is very friendly to new drivers, making it the best partner on the road.

And the REDTIGER T700 rearview mirror dash cam records top-quality video up to Ultra full HD 4K 3840*2160P on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the rear camera. The high video quality helps you read the key details like road signs, and vehicle number plates and offers better-defined details. Besides, the front 170° and rear 150°wide-angle lens dual camera ensure to reduce blind area and provides sufficient evidence for rear-end collisions or collisions, etc.

Measure Driving Distance

When you're driving, it's important to always leave enough space between vehicles. Having enough room ensures that no one will be stranded on the side of the road and will make it easier for you to change lanes or avoid hazards on the road. To ensure enough space, stay behind the car in front of you, use your mirrors to see if you can safely change lanes and remember that if you can see the car in front of you then there is not enough space between vehicles.

Reduce Phone Time while Driving

You should not be using your phone while driving. It's not worth the risk. But you can customize your car to accommodate a phone holder for safe phone keeping.

It is also important to innovate as you learn because the world isn’t living on the same driver’s safety tools as it once was. Make sure that the car's condition is up-to-par before going out on the road. 

Remember, it’s always a good idea to be aware of what you are doing and how it affects others on the road. You should always keep your eyes open for other vehicles and pedestrians, making sure that you can avoid any potential accidents before they happen.


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