What Is Dual Dash Camera and Why Do I Need One?

What Is Dual Dash Camera and Why Do I Need One? - REDTIGER Official

‚ÄĒNico, 22th¬†Oct 2022

Dash cam, I'm sure you're familiar with it. Nowadays, with an increasingly number of private cars, the traffic situation is becoming more and more complicated. For the sake of driving safety, car owners will be equipped with a dash cam for their cars chronically.And the dual dash camera, literally it has two cameras, a front unit placed on the windscreen of a car and records the front of a single lens dash cam, and then it has a smaller camera which records from the rear view.

There may exist so quite a few doubts, since the ordinary dash cam has been able to satisfy the majority of our needs. Why should we need an extra Dual Lens Car Security Camera? Let's keep watching!

The Differences Between Dual Dash Camera and Single Dash Camera

With the rapid development of road traffic and automobile industry, the situation of road traffic safety in various countries is becoming serious, which puts forward higher requirements for traffic safety prevention and accident analysis, as well as for the recording information security, information capacity, information storage, and data analysis. Accordingly, the traffic recorder also needs to be constantly updated to meet the objective needs.

Table 1 The development of the dash cam

Since 2012

Dash cams are catching on in the market

Since 2013

The dash cam has developed from single lens to double lens for cars front and rear, and the lens pixel has also increased from 30W, 100W and 130W to 200W, 300W and 500W. It has evolved from merely having a video recording function to functions like a digital dog, radar speed measurement, navigation and so on.

Since 2014

The dash cam has been upgraded to an intelligent rear view mirror, and the single and dual dash cameras have been upgraded to multi-lens tachograph.The intelligence, night vision effect, clarity and other aspects of the function have been further improved.

Since 2016

Take Before Market as the primary target.

To figure out why we need cameras for cars front and rear, we are firstly supposed to learn the purpose of it as well as the convenience that a car front and rear dash camera bring compared with the single dash cam. Clearly, the dual-lens dash cam is more useful than we hold the view, it's a transformative innovation in the industry .If you want to know, you can read the benefits mentioned below.


Safety and Proof

Dash cam, also known as "car black box", can truly record the driver's operation and vehicle operation in the course of an accident. And a dual dash CAM it will be recording from the front and from the back, which means drivers could not only utilize the front-facing camera to prove they weren't the cause of the accident but the back one to capture friction collisions from the rear of the vehicle. To a certain extent, this can help car owners to reduce economic losses and avoid insurance fraud.

Park Auxiliarily

For many novice drivers, especially our female drivers, reversing is definitely a big problem! The misestimation of the parking location often results in plenty of time spent on parking, and even collision. If we have a dual camera dash cam, it can also be used as a rear view mirror, directly show the rear and sides of the vehicle, so as to increase the success ratio for green hands reversing.


It is well-known that the carorder is responsible for the preservation of traffic image.Therefore the wider the shooting range is, the better the image will be. At present ,almost every single len has been equipped with a wide Angle. Yet under normal circumstances the angle of the record can only be reached 150 degrees, beyond which will contribute to serious deformation. In order to solve the dilemma , dual lens cam was invented naturally.The combination of two single wide Angle lenses, on the one hand,leads to significant cost savings , on the other hand the monitoring scope is much larger than what a single dash cam own, and simultaneously shooting video images will not appear any deformation.

What Types of Customers Are in Particular Need

It can be said that compared with the single dash cam , the dual dash cam has almost no disadvantages except the higher price. It's suitable for anyone who intends to improve their driving experience and safety. But there are no superlatives, only comparisons. If you fit into one of the following types of individuals, you are well worth owning a dual-lens dash cam.


If you like road trips, then you definitely need a dual dash cam. It will help you capture unexpected moments on the road as well as document the process of conquering hardships that you can use to earn some money or else increase the attention of your social media followers.


Since journalists are not prophets , the news of the meteorite crash in Russia is almost all recorded by cameras for cars front and rear. To avoid giving rise to regrets, professional journalists is supposed to equip themselves with effective filming tools.

Prudent man

If you have had the experience of being found fault with or are sincerely worried about the loss of property in the car, the dual dash cam will be your choice. It will effectively prevent an attempted theft or theft of a slide of your car, at the same time, eliminate the worry of being wrongly accused of an accident.


REDTIGER¬†F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam‚Äď Most¬†Prominent Dual-Facing Dash Cam

Recently,there are many kinds of automobile data recorders on the market, how to choose the suitable one has become the crus of the matter . First of all, recorders belonging to a well-known and reliable brand in most cases signify that they have a certain guarantee in quality and reputation. The second is the consideration of the price factor, now prices of the cam on the market range from a few hundred to a thousand yuan.Obviously too cheap products which basically from small brands can not be purchased, they are likely to have problems like poor shooting quality, short life and easy to crash. Remember that the best one is not always the most expensive one , the key is to suit yourself .

Some Suggestions

When purchasing, it is necessary to analyze the product parameters, including shooting Angle, video resolution, compression format, cache, whether the video can be closed manually, emergency recording, and non-interference with other automotive electronic products.

Table 2 Suggestions on the basic elements when purchasing a dual dash cam

Camera Angle

The camera angle of the dash cam is mostly about 100 degrees, which can basically ensure that both lanes of the vehicle can be captured. A larger camera angle is conducive to a comprehensive record of the vehicle's surroundings. Be careful, however, that the angle of the camera is not too dramatic, so as not to distort the picture.

Video resolution

Generally speaking, if the main purpose of the dual dash cam is to prevent fraud, the resolution of 1080p is sufficient. A high resolution will shorten the recording time of the memory card and reduce the service life of it meanwhile. In addition, the The effect of night photography is directly related to the photo-electric sensitivity of the chip which belongs to the recorder and the phenomenon of glass outside the lens .

Compression format

The dash cams mostly adopt H.264 compression format. With no good compression method not only means that it occupies more storage capacity, but also requires higher speed of the memory card, otherwise it is easy to lose frames, affect the compatibility of the memory card traffic recorder. From the owner's point of view, a reasonable choice of recording interval time and capacity are helpful to take the evidence timely when an accident occurs. Generally speaking, one minute is the appropriate interval time.


Higher video resolution takes up more capacity of the memory card . If the maximum memory capacity supported by the dual dash cam is 64g, it is recommended to choose 64g. The large-capacity memory card can enable us to obtain more lasting shooting time and better shooting effect.

Shielding measures

Some dash cams are of poor quality, which will cause magnetic field leakage or become a new radiation source, thus causing interference. If there is a situation, the impact will be inconceivable.

Therefore, this paper provides readers with a rating table of basic elements for purchasing dash cams. You can comprehensively consider these elements behind and attach weights according to your own needs. In this way, you can score the car front and rear dash camera considered and preliminarily select the dual dash cam suitable for yourself and your family.

Table 3 Example table for comparison of basic elements of the dash cam

basic elements

Product Configuration Classification(Take REDTIGER as an example)

Screen Size

3.16" IPS Screen

11" Touch Screen

Video Resolution

3840*2160P +1080P 2560*1440P

3840*2160P @30fps; 2560*1440P

1600P HD



not equip

Viewing Angle

Front: 170¬į ,Rear: 140¬į Front: F1.5, Rear:F2.0


Front: 170¬į ,Rear: 150¬į/Front: F1.5, Rear:F2.0


256G Max; NO battery, Use capacitor

128G Max; NO battery, Use capacitor

Of course, if the dual car camera can have the following functions, that's definitely a plus.They are in a position to meet more potential needs of customers and provide with a more comfortable and convenient driving experience.Let's take a look!


Night vision function

The night vision effect of car recorder is one of the factors that consumers must consider when purchasing. At night, poor light conditions and a narrower visual range lead to more accidents than them during the day. The driver needs to use the night vision function of the dual dash cam to assist driving. At the same time, the excellent night vision function can also ensure the definition of the image at night. License plates can be easily recorded even in low-light environments, thus preventing emergencies.

Gravity Sensor

The weight sensing of cameras for cars front and rear is a necessary function, which can sense the change of the force when the vehicle accelerates. In case of violent shaking or the collision of the vehicle,the dual car camera will automatically save videos in a locked file and will not be covered by other videos, which can help the owner to restore the scene situation and find out the responsibility of the scene, so as to reduce certain losses for the owner.

Cycle Index

The meaning of cyclic video recording of the dash cam refers that it will Video photography on a loop. The current vehicle traveling data recorders are usually equipped with a memory card, when the memory card capacity of vehicle traveling data recorder is filled , this feature will come into play and automatically delete the earliest videos. In addition, car owners do not need to worry that the video recording of the traffic accident will be overwritten by the loop video, because according to the algorithm of the dual dash cam, it will be locked and stored separately, so it will not be overwritten or deleted.

At present, quite a few excellent dual dash cams in the market are equipped with these functions to a certain degree,the REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam is one of them. Simultaneously, this dual lens car security camera is innovative with social functions. It features built-in WiFi for easy connection to your smartphone app, you can download video files from the REDTIGER Dash CAM app to your smartphone and share them with your friends via social media.It's a lot more fun.


As the consumer market has higher requirements for products, people's demands for the dash cams are no longer limited to understanding the surroundings and protecting safety. In daily life, people need to leisurely rely deal with accidents such as fraud, theft and traffic jams, and there is also a need to record every detail of their lives. Having an advanced gadget like the REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam installed in your car can solve an array of driving problems.

Finally, do you know more about dual lens dash cams? And would you want one if had the chance ?


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