Why New Drivers Should Install a Dash Camera

You’ve just got your license and are ready to hit the road. Perhaps your teenager is getting their first car, and you want to set them up for a safe driving experience. Dash cameras are recommended for new drivers by road safety organizations and insurance companies.

Installing a dash camera can reduce insurance premiums and promote better driving by enabling you to review repeated driving errors and mistakes.Redtiger is trusted by over 3 million drivers to improve their driving experience with extra peace of mind for your vehicle’s security.

Redtiger offers a full range of dash cameras and accessories to suit drivers of all abilities. Shop the best dash cameras for new drivers on our official website.

Easy to Install

Dash cameras are easy to install, with most models doubling as a parking assistant, saving space on your dashboard. We offer a range of dash cam accessories, including mounts designed for each of our cameras to ensure optimal recording and safety. These dash cams can easily be moved from one vehicle to the next, making them a long-term investment in your driving ability.

Our dash cameras come with full, easy-to-follow instructions for quick installations. Their compact size also makes them ideal for use while traveling. They can be easily transported in a carry-on bag and quickly installed into a rental car at your destination. We recommend investing in additional mounts and suction cups if you plan on using your dash camera across multiple vehicles.

Smaller dash cameras are ideal for new drivers as they pose less of a distraction while driving and can usually be tucked behind the rear-view mirror. The Redtiger F3 2.5k dash camera has a mini body design that will never block the driver’s view. It can be discreetly installed into the front screen of the car behind the rear-view mirror to offer an unobstructed view for the driver.

Witness Evidence in an Accident

First-time drivers pay some of the highest insurance premiums of any driver. Installing a dash camera in your car can help to reduce your insurance premiums and provide witness evidence if an accident occurs.

The rise in ‘crash for cash’ frauds has led more first-time drivers to install dash cameras to protect their insurance and prevent them from being found at fault in such an incident. First-time drivers often find themselves the targets of these insurance scams as companies are more likely to lay the fault on the side of an inexperienced driver.

Dash camera footage can help speed up an insurance claim and prove you weren’t at fault, while also protecting your non-claim bonus. Most insurance companies accept dash camera footage as evidence for claims. However, we recommend double-checking with your provider if you’re planning on buying a dash camera for insurance purposes.

Dash camera footage can also be useful for monitoring other motorist behavior or providing evidence if you witness an accident. We recommend installing a dash camera if you live in a rural area or commonly commute through high-speed or high-density areas, where accidents are more likely to occur.

Dash Cameras as a Theft Deterrent

Damage and car theft are the worst nightmares for any driver, especially those who have just purchased a car. Installing a dash camera acts as a theft deterrent, with most models offering surveillance facilities for 24/7 protection. Thieves are less likely to target a vehicle with a visible dash camera installed.

Having a dash camera installed in your car is essential for new drivers living in high-traffic areas. Police and insurance companies are increasingly recommending dash cameras as a way of preventing theft and car damage. Thieves view cars without a visible dash camera as an easy target, particularly newer models that have key-less functionality.

The Redtiger F7NP 4k Front Rear Dash Cam offers 24/7 surveillance with G-sensors to detect any force against your car or attempts at unauthorized access. The onboard sensors will automatically start recording to capture any movement around your car. As the footage is stored remotely, you can file this alongside your police report if your car is damaged or stolen.

Promotes Better Driving

It takes a while to get comfortable behind a wheel. New drivers can easily get into bad habits or make repeated mistakes. Installing a dash camera can improve your driving by allowing you to review footage to identify mistakes, such as incorrect lane merging or repeated braking.

The Redtiger F5 dash camera is app controlled with a 360-degree rotating HD camera. You can quickly review the footage directly from your phone in the event of a driving error or if you’ve been involved in an accident.

It’s good driving practice to regularly review your driving to spot any errors or bad habits that might creep in. Alternatively, watching back driving footage can also make you more confident as a first-time driver.

Record Your Journeys

We live in a society where we love to record every moment in life. Whether you’re going on vacation or driving to the beach, turn on your dash camera and record the journey to watch back later. Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular for capturing social media content and as a newer form of video recording.

 Our innovative dash cameras offer time lapse footage, ideal for long road trips and car journeys where you want to capture an over-all view of your journey without taking up excess storage in your SD card. This footage can be quickly accessed via the Redtiger app for easy editing and viewing. You can upload your footage directly to social media within a few quick clicks. Don’t forget to tag us in your driving footage for a chance to be featured on our social media platforms.