Protect your car from extreme weather

Protect your car from extreme weather - REDTIGER Official
Patric,September 4, 2022

Protect Your Car From Extreme Weather

In general, extreme weather and climate events can be divided into several categories, such as extremely high temperature, extreme low temperature, extreme drought, and extreme precipitation, which are generally characterized by a small probability of occurrence and large social impact. Due to the dramatic global climate change in recent years, the probability of extreme weather has greatly increased.

Extreme weather brings challenges to car driving safety. Next, we will briefly introduce some tips about how to protect car from heat, how to protect car from hail, how to protect car from snow, and how to reduce the damage to cars in extreme weather and the solutions:


How To Protect Car From Heat

The Danger Of The Car Under Heat

The increase in extreme heat in 2022 has posed challenges to vehicle performance and safe driving. Firstly, Spontaneous combustion: due to extremely high temperatures, cars are likely to appear spontaneous combustion phenomenon, especially some new energy vehicles. Secondly, Car paint aging: compared with the interior of the car, the car paint directly exposed to the air and sunlight is the most vulnerable to damage. Thirdly, Harmful gas: Many objects in the car compartment are glued together. If the temperature in the car compartment is too high, the glue or plastic parts will emit formaldehyde and other harmful gas. Fourthly, Aging interior: Many car interiors are afraid of direct sunlight, such as leather seats and dashboards. Next, Tire burst: the sun will not only affect the temperature of the interior and surface of the car but also affect the temperature of the road surface. In summer, the temperature of the road is very high, and the tire in contact with such a road surface will rapidly heat up and expand. If the quality of the tire is not good enough or the tire pressure is too high, there will be a tire burst phenomenon. To sum up, how to protect car from heat is particularly important.

The Importance Of Protection Under Heat

If the car occurs in spontaneous combustion, the owner’s safety and property safety are threatened. For car paint aging, long time exposure will lead to paint yellowing and even peeling. If it is a new car, it will accelerate the aging of the car paint. Maybe the paint will lose its shine as the summer goes by. As for harmful gases, if formaldehyde is released due to high temperature, it will do great harm. Formaldehyde is a class A carcinogen, and the smell is very pungent, not only affecting the driving experience but also harming their health. About the car interior. The car interior's long time of sun exposure will lead to cracking or damage. Many car seats have a color mismatch between the front and the back. The first half may be broken and the second half intact. This is the front half of the car space caused by long-term sun exposure. The car burst is not to be underestimated, if the car is in the process at high speed, it will cause a car accident. The consequences are unimaginable.

How To Protect Car From Extreme Heat

Therefore, how to protect car from heat is particularly important. About how to protect car from heat. If you want to avoid the occurrence of the above accidents, the most direct is the best summer parking is parked in the underground garage or shade, avoid direct sunlight. If you have to stay in the sun due to special circumstances, it is best to open the door for ventilation for a while before driving. And you can use sun protection car cover to protect car from heat and direct sunlight. Air conditioning can also be used to ease the temperature inside the car. Sometimes car protection spray can also help to reduce the damage caused by extreme heat. To some extent, it can reduce the degree of overheating in the car. And all drivers should learn how to protect car from heat. However, if the above situation occurs, we need some evidence when applying for the insurance company to settle the claim. That’s where our REDTIGER dash cams came in. The driving recorder can record the whole process of the car’s problems and eliminate human causes, which is more conducive for the owner to obtain compensation. Our REDTIGER dash cams can record video for a long time. If memory is full, the earliest stored video can be overwritten.


How To Protect Car From Hail

Hail has an effect on car paint. Hail fell from the sky. It has a certain volume and weight. Make your car itself surface, paint and glass caused some damage.

A lot of people think that only large hailstones can damage a car, but even moderate hailstones can damage a car.

Why Do We Need To Protect Car From Hail

Because hail has a certain weight, falling from the sky, potential energy is large, which will give the car windshield and paint caused trauma. But it depends on the size of the hail. Smaller, no more than two centimeters, such as soybeans the size of the hail, the impact is not big, and it will not cause damage to the car. The car has a certain ability to fight, unless the car’s body and glass quality are not good enough.

However, larger hailstones, such as those the size of coins, some eggs, and even tennis balls, can be so heavy that falling from the sky can damage cars, causing broken glass and dents. We’d better prevent such incidents from happening. Because sometimes cars hit by hail can also affect driving safety. So we need to protect the car from the hail.

Tips To Protect Car From Hail Damage

What do we need to do to make our car protect from hail? When hail comes, driving on the road, be sure to slow down the speed. As soon as possible park the car in a covered place. It is best to the underground parking lot, to reduce hail to the car injury. The body surface can be covered with a quilt to reduce the damage to the car. But don’t drive your car under a tree, as hail can break branches and cause more damage if they fall on your car. When the hail comes and there is no place to hide, hide as soon as possible in the back seat of the car, to avoid the front glass breakage caused by injury.

But if a hail storm is inevitable, the REDTIGER dash cam can record the whole thing. When your car is hit by hail, the REDTIGER dash cam can clearly record the exact process of the event. You can know that your car didn’t have body damage from human causes, etc. We can use it as evidence to get an insurance claim. This can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.


How To Protect Car From Snow

The Danger Of The Car Under Snow Weather

First of all, the low temperature in the snow weather will lead to the weakening of the braking performance. The auto parts become fragile, and the windshield is easy to fogs and blocks the view. Secondly, the antifreeze will freeze on snowy days. And when there is snow on the road, light is more likely to reflect, affecting the driver’s vision. Tire pressure can also be affected by temperature. Too low a temperature will increase tire pressure. The contact area between the tire and the ground is reduced, the friction force is reduced, and accidents such as side slips are more likely to occur.

Why Do We Need To Protect Car From Snow

If the snow on the road is thick and accumulates for a long time, the snow will be rolled over by many cars and pedestrians. The snow thickens and clumps. When a car is driving on such a road surface, the friction between the wheel and the road will be reduced. And the grip will be weakened. Automobile parts and function damage will endanger driving safety more. These dangers cannot be ignored. We must take extra precautions to prevent accidents when traveling in the snow.

The Best Way To Protect Car From Snow

It’s dangerous to drive in snow, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t drive out. We can make sufficient preparations to prevent the car from a snow disaster.

First, pay attention to non-slip, and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

In the snow, the ground is very slippery. Anti-skid is the most important thing in the snow. Anti-skid is the core of all things in our driving. To do anti-skid vehicles, it is necessary to slow down in advance, and step on the brakes in advance. If suddenly accelerate or decelerate, it is dangerous.

Second, use the brakes flexibly, do not suddenly slam on the brakes.

Generally on snowy roads, do not rush to brake, it is very dangerous, it is recommended to brake, and step on the loose. If the vehicle has ABS equipment, you can brake in the end, slam on the brake may slip at any time.

Third, the vehicle turning Angle should be small, do not hit the direction.

Do not hit the direction in the snow, because the tire grip drops, the tire change direction is not flexible, so the result of hitting the steering wheel is that the vehicle will slide sideways, or even flip over. This is very dangerous.

If an accident is inevitable, the REDTIGER dash cam can record video of the entire journey. Both in front of the car and behind the car can be fully recorded accident process. Because the road is slippery in the snow, accidents may happen all around the car. Our dash cams can provide all-around video recording. This video can be used as evidence to settle claims.



Anyway, we should drive carefully in extreme weather to ensure our own safety. We also need to learn how to protect the car. So we can protect ourselves better.

In addition, we can install dash cams to reduce unnecessary trouble in the event of a real accident. And the REDTIGER dash cam has more diverse functions.

1.In cases where the traces of the accident scene are not obvious or the accident scene is damaged, the REDTIGER dash cam can retain effective video evidence to help the police determine their responsibilities, so as to effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

2.When encountering unexpected road conditions, the traffic recorder can provide practical and reliable evidence and favorableclues.

3.When the court hears road traffic accident cases, the video files recorded by the REDTIGER dash cam can be more accurate and evidence-based in sentencing and compensation, and also provide evidence for insurance companies to settle claims

4.Pedestrians crossing the highway, cyclists and motorcycles may be extorted in case of scratches and collisions with them. The video files of the REDTIGER dash cam can provide effective evidence for drivers and other people.

5.For some minor traffic accidents, the REDTIGER dash cam can provide more intuitive and reliable video evidence, so that the drivers of both parties can quickly evacuate the scene and do not have to wait for the traffic police for a long time on the road, which not only reduces the potential safety risks but also avoids road congestion and creates a safe and smooth traffic environment.

6.For car owners who like self-driving travel, the traffic recorder can record the scenery along the way, which can be used as DV.

7.Cash dam can be used at home as DV shooting fun of life, or as a home monitoring, warehouse monitoring use.

The installation of a REDTIGER dash cam in your car can bring so much convenience. It can reduce unnecessary trouble for you, and can provide effective evidence when there is an accident. It can also bring you some entertainment experience. So you might consider installing one REDTIGER dash cam.


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