Driving Safety Guide for New Drivers

Driving Safety Guide for New Drivers - REDTIGER Official
Yvonne,August 16, 2022

Driving Safety Guide for New Drivers



According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 38680 people were killed in car accidents in the United States in 2020, the highest number since 2007. Since the statistics are for all drivers, new drivers need to take this into consideration seriously in particular. Considering that new drivers usually lack sufficient driving experience to deal with various emergencies occurring while driving, we have prepared a series of contents to highlight the things new drivers should know for you if you are a new diver, to help you safely depart and arrive in a long run.


5 Mistakes New Drivers May Make


The first feeling many new drivers may have is panic, a state of mind that stems from a lack of driving experience and leads to disorganized driving behavior. When you finish the theoretical course and try to apply it into practice, here comes another new lesson of how to deal with complex and changing traffic on the real road. Faced with the complexities of the real traffic, new drivers have difficulty concentrating on traffic conditions, and therefore panic easily.

There are usually no shortcuts to overcome it, as everything can be hard at first. Only when new drivers have enough experience to face complex road conditions will this panic disappear.

Neglecting to Check the Blind Spots

Then, as you overcome the fear of driving, there is some real vehicle knowledge waiting for you to master. Restricted by the construction, all cars have some blind spots, of which the rear sight blind spot is the most dangerous kind. The rear blind spot is an area of about 30 degrees from the rear door to the outside that is outside the field of view of the reflector. Once you go straight into the car without an observation of surroundings, the rear sight blind spot will make it much more difficult for you to realize whether there is a child crouching behind the car, which may get you involved in a serious trouble. Therefore, before you get in the car, please make sure to check whether the car is empty and suitable for starting.Blind spots also occur on the road. In the same lane, the car in front usually blocks part of the rear driver's field of view, which makes it more difficult for the latter to drive safely. So, it requires particular attention when you are tailgating or preparing to overtake the front car, especially when the front car is a large vehicle such as a truck or bus.

Therefore, if new drivers do not pay enough attention to these two types of blind spots mentioned above, they may be overwhelmed by thick vehicle maintenance bills, and in more serious cases, may even face life-threatening situations.

Failing to Keep Proper Distance From Other Cars

This is an advanced technique that usually requires some driving experience.

As mentioned above, while driving on the road, the closer rear drivers are to the fronts, the more limited their range of vision is, and thus the less time they must deal with emergencies. The most common mistake new drivers make is failing to keep proper distance from cars while driving, which leads to a large number of traffic accidents that should not have been. Especially, when the road becomes potholed, keeping the proper distance between cars can becomes much more important. Because, when the front driver notices the pits on the road, they can usually dodge successfully with a normal view and reaction time, but the rear driver who is following them closely and thus has a limited view can hardly have enough time to react to it. If such tough time truly happen to you, you can only pray that God bless on your driving skills. So, try your best to avoid it.

In addition, it is also important to maintain a sufficient distance from the front car when stationary, which allows your car to start smoothly and prolongs the time clutch can be used.


As you become more familiar with driving, you may be able to cut through slightly crowded traffic and basic driving skills start to become worthless to you. From this point on, controlling the desire to speed becomes more important than acquiring more skills.

The last basic class needed to learn for new drivers is to control their cars not to exceed the speed limit, although your rising level of driving tempts you to show talent at a faster speed. Not speeding is a respect for all drivers' lives. Although there are millions of roads waiting for you to drive, safety is always the first. It is also something that both I and the traffic police who gave you a ticket for driving over the speed limit will repeat to you again and again.

In terms of its principle, speeding makes the braking distance increase. Because of inertia, braking distance of the cars is critically influenced by the speed. The faster the speed is, the longer the braking distance will be, with the possibility of accidents increasing also.

Speeding will also interfere with the operational reliability of cars. Under the same conditions, if the speed is enhanced by 1 time, the centrifugal force will increase by 3 times. Especially in the corner, too much centrifugal force may make cars out of control, or even rollover.

Lack of Car Maintenance

The last mistake new drivers may make is not about their driving skills, but their cars. As time goes by, you may gradually find that the steering wheel of your car is sometimes not easy to maneuver, or the braking is not precise as well. It may not mean that your driving skills have regressed, but that the car's performance may have deteriorated due to a lack of maintenance over time. When it happens, it's time to have car maintenance for driving safety.

From another point of view, for car owners, the car sometimes represents their external image. If your car is shiny and well taken care of, people usually think you are a gentle person who cherishes cars and seeks a high quality of life.

And, regular car maintenance is a practical money saving tip, since it can reduce the probability of occurrence of fatal problems, therefore extending the life of your car and reducing the amount of money needed to spend on repairing.


Useful Tips For New Drivers

Considering these above mistakes new drivers may make, we have prepared a series of driving tips for new drivers.

First of all, no matter how many miles you have driven, there are two things that need to be stressed over and over again: look around the car before driving, and DON’T speed while driving! These two are always the most useful driving tips for new drivers 

Secondly, if you have a panic about driving, practicing in an open area without traveling cars first may be a good idea for you during this period. At this stage, you need to be more proficient in the use of the steering wheel, gas pedal, brakes, dash cams and any other accessories by practice. If confused about certain aspects, you can also find a veteran driver to sit in the passenger seat so that he can give you some appropriate advice during the driving process. But if you truly find yourself having difficulty with certain accessories, replacing them with more advanced products may also help. For example, if you replace your dash cam with REDTIGER T27, the most advanced product we can offer, it may allow you to take fuller advantage of dash cam’s usefulness.

Then, as your driving experience gradually increases, you can begin the next phase on some real roads with a small amount of traffic. When there are some other cars on the road that may cause interference to you, keeping a proper distance between cars needs to put more emphasis on, if the blind spot caused by the front cars have a negative impact on you. At the same time, in this period, you are required to appropriately increase the frequency of regular practice to achieve effective improvement.

The last period needed to experience is to not stop trying more challenging roads once you make enough progress, until you can be confident with driving and no longer afraid of any complex traffic.


How Can REDTIGER T27 Improve Your Driving Experience

In addition, when the topic comes to dash cams, as a professional dash cam manufacturer, we recommend our best products, REDTIGER T27. For new drivers, advanced car accessories can also help you improve your driving level, especially if with a generous budget, we would highly recommend REDTIGER T27 to you. The full name of REDTIGER T27 is REDTIGER T27 Front and Rearview Mirror Dash Cam, it is our most advanced product at present, and therefore equipped with our most advanced functions. Thus, if you want to optimize your driving experience by upgrading car accessories, it will be the best choice for you.


Providing High Clarity Witness (4K) —— Why Is It Our Best Product

Its most eye-catching features are global first 4K front and 2.5K rear best mirror dash cam launches, equipped with top clarity and 11" UHD full IPS touch screen, by which it becomes our best product. Therefore, both the front and rear dash cams can provide high image and video quality from in higher resolution. From a dash cam perspective, better equipment helps you drive better, as I mentioned above. By not letting your dash cam hold you back, your driving talents will be able to flourish. If you have a generous budget, trust me, it can become car essential for new drivers.

Increasing Your Sense Of Driving Security

Remember the blind spot while driving on the road that mentioned above? In the same lane, the car in front usually blocks part of the rear driver's field of view, which makes it more difficult for the latter to drive safely. But with the Intelligent screen split function of the car's rear view mirror dash cam, now you can observe both the car's front and rear dynamics at the same time. The dual-lens system consisted of a 170° front angle len and a 150° rear angle len can minimize the blind area of vision and capture more scenes on the road, helping you enjoy a safe driving with fewer blind spots.

Exclusive Assistant Parking Mode

Based on the dual-lens system, we have developed the relevant technology and then created an exclusive assisted parking mode. When this mode is turned on, a backup camera display with guidelines will assist you to adjust the parking line manually to easier parking. With this advanced mechanism, new drivers can achieve the same parking results which veteran drivers need months’ practice to achieve, but the time you need to spend can be reduced to a few days. We hope that, with these new technologies, new drivers will enjoy a better driving experience than ever before. It may be the best gift for new teenage drivers, who are limited by height and have a much larger blind spot in their vision than adults.

Honest Recording To Protect Your Benefit

On the one hand, thanks to the high definition of our dash cam’s recordings, they are valuable whether you want to use them for driving review or as in-car surveillance. It can make parking monitoring up to 48 hours, which acts as a surveillance camera system when the vehicle is off. Another thing that needed to be mentioned particularly is that automatic video recording and locking when a collision is detected are another exclusive features. On the other hand, you don't need to worry about running out of memory because loop recording of the mirror dash cam front and rear allows continuous recording when the memory SD card is full.

Best Gift Ideas For New Drivers

This product represents not only the technology itself, but also our humanistic concern for new drivers. We believe that technology is supposed to be used to make our customers’ driving easier, and this idea permeates all areas of our company.

When you find that our products can really improve your driving experience, you will share our values. So, the best idea provided by us for new drivers is to consider the needs of drivers and keep making dash cam products more valuable to them.




We hope the above suggestions will make your journey as a new driver smoother. Meanwhile, after reading so much, you may have some idea about our REDTIGER T27 more or less. Our suggestion is that, if you are a new driver with sufficient budget, we extremely recommend this product for you. May you can always enjoy a safe journey!


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