Slash Your Car Expenses Easily, Just Do These Points!

Slash Your Car Expenses Easily, Just Do These Points! - REDTIGER Official
David,August 24, 2022

Slash Your Car Expenses Easily, Just Do These Points!

Have you ever thought about how to slash your car expenses? Maybe dash cams, a kind of video camera that can record the front and rear visual field of a car during moving and stopping, are a good choice.

Of course, you can also slash your car expenses by lowering car fuel bill, reducing car insurance premiums and cutting repair or maintenance costs. But how to do the above point? Just read the following specific tips!


How to Lower Your Car Fuel Bill?

The key to reducing fuel costs lies in some details and your driving habits.

Drive sensibly

Frequent rapid acceleration and braking will greatly increase fuel consumption while smooth acceleration and deceleration can save about 20% of fuel. It goes without saying that the latter is a better option if you want to save on your fuel bills.

Also, make sure to plan your travel routes. Clear and definite routes can decrease extra fuel consumption caused by aimless driving and increase efficiency. It seems that sensible driving can let you be frugal with money as well as time.

Control speed

Speed bears on fuel consumption, but it is not directly or inversely proportional to the fuel consumption. If you drive at a low speed of 0-80 kilometers per hour, the faster the speed is, the more fuel will be saved; if you drive at a crazy speed of more than 120 kilometers per hour, the faster the speed is, the more fuel will be consumed.

In addition, different types of cars have an economical speed. Generally speaking, the economical speed of most family cars is 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. Driving at a constant speed can also make the fuel consumption be in relatively low.

According to the data, driving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour is 25% higher than the speed of 110 kilometers per hour in terms of fuel economy. Thus, it is obvious that driving at a constant speed of 60 to 80 kilometers per hour can save the most fuel consumption.


Stop idling

It is estimated that the idling of the engine is around 30% of the normal fuel consumption of your car. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption of engine idling for 3 minutes can support your car to run for about 1 kilometer. You may wonder how to stop idling.

There are some suggestions given to you: Simply start driving to avoid warming up your car for a long time, which will increase fuel consumption while degrading the performance of your vehicle; you’d better turn off the engine if you are at an intersection where the red time is particularly long; turn off the engine when you are waiting for someone on the side of the road.

Good driving habits can not only reduce fuel costs, but also be beneficial to the environment. Why not kill two birds with one stone by doing this?

Get the right motor oil to reduce fuel costs

Do you think the better brand or the higher price of motor oil you add to your car, the better it will be for the car? If you think so, you’ve utterly misread the rule. You should choose the right motor oil, for the best brand of oil is not necessarily the best for your car.

Although there are some motor oils boasting a good reputation on the Internet, not all of them are suitable for your car. Some are fit for the summer or winter and others for all the reasons. Therefore, the motor oil must be changed in time, or it will do damage to the engine. Which kind of oil you should choose hinges on your driving habits. If you are inclined to drive at a low speed for a short distance, you can choose the oil that makes the engine more quiet; if you love passionate driving and often drive at a high speed, you should purchase the one that can withstand high temperature and pressure.

What’s more, you can also consult the maintenance manual and get the right oil in accordance with the quality and type of the oil as well as the driving environment and conditions. The right one can reduce the fuel consumption so as to slash your car expenses.

Keep your tires inflated

Figures show that the fuel consumption caused by tire rolling resistance accounts for 20% or so of the total fuel consumption of passenger cars and more than 30% of that of trucks. If the rolling resistance is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency will be improved by 3%, so it is worthwhile to maintain your tires.

But how to do it? Keeping your tires inflated is of the most importance. Remember to frequently check the tire pressure and adjust the pressure to the recommended one by an inflation pump. If you have no idea about the standard range of your tires, you can refer to the operation manual of your vehicle. Properly inflated tires will last longer, make you safer on the road and be good to curtail your expenditure on fuel.


How to Lower Your Car Insurance?

It is indispensable to install a dash cam in your car if you want to lower car insurance. But how and why? Just read on to learn about it.

What is car insurance and how does it work?

Car insurance refers to commercial insurance that is responsible for the compensation of personal injury or property loss caused by natural disasters or accidents of motor vehicles. It is a kind of property insurance, which constantly develops with the appearance and popularization of vehicles.

The functions of car insurance are as follows:

1.You can get economic or cash compensation in case of accidents or other matters if you purchase car insurance.

2.You can pass on the daily operational errors or unpredictable risks to the insurance company and be greatly safeguarded through purchasing car insurance, which is an important measure to transfer risks.

3.It is hard to figure out some problems(like various risks and losses in the use of vehicles) through risk avoidance, risk prevention or risk retention.

Which is the cheapest type of car insurance?

No matter whether you own a new car or a second-hand one, it is necessary to buy car insurance after you register your car. Nowadays, there are various types of car insurance, such as compulsory insurance, third-party liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance, but which is the cheapest type?

Before you buy car insurance, it is necessary to shop around and compare the quotations of different car insurance brands. As is known to all, car insurance in physical stores is relatively expensive for the intermediary agency fees. If you want to buy affordable car insurance, you should learn to buy it online. You will find out that online insurance is 15% cheaper than offline insurance. Furthermore, liability-only insurance is the cheapest option as it offers the least amount of protection. Reasonable purchase of car insurance can help you to effectively save the expenses on your car.


Can dash cams reduce car insurance costs?

The answer is “Yes, they can”. The dash cam, a digital video camera, is of great use. It can be used to record the interaction with the police in the event of accidents, the occurrence of hit and run and what happens when you park your car.

With the REDTIGER dash cam that can videotape the whole process and record the damage with or without people being there, you can transmit the video recorded by it to the insurance company in case of a crash to prove that it is not your fault, providing the evidence for insurance companies to settle claims. The dash cam can also record the scene of traffic accident disputes so as to clarify responsibilities and avoid unnecessary claims for you.

At the same time, vehicle safety and lower risks can be improved by the dash cam. Hence, you can enjoy certain benefits and subsidies by cooperating with insurance companies to install the dash cam.

Since the video is more reliable than the witness, the video recorded by the dash cam not only makes the claim settlement process more efficient, but also reduces car insurance costs so as to slash your car expenses.

How to Lower Your Car Repair/Maintenance Costs?

Are you a little bit confused about how to lower your car repair costs? There are some car maintenance tips and ways to reduce car repair costs, and the dash cam is essential.

Car maintenance tips

We will first introduce the car maintenance notion to you. Car maintenance is the preventive work of regularly inspecting, cleaning, replenishing, lubricating, adjusting or replacing some parts of the vehicle. It mainly includes the maintenance of engine system, gearbox system, air conditioning system, cooling system and fuel system, aiming to make the vehicle clean and tidy, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent faults and extend the service life of the vehicle.  

How to maintain your car? Here are some tips for car maintenance:

  1. Clean your car frequently. Regular car washing and waxing can protect the paint and prevent rusting.
  2. Use your car in accordance with the instructions. In the long run, the life of your car will be prolonged.
  3. Check the significant parts and motor oil of your car. If your car has any impaired part, it will not work properly.
  4. The brake oil should be replaced every 2 years or every 40,000 kilometers of the mileage. Due to the structure of the car brake system, the brake oil will absorb moisture over time, resulting in the decrease of braking force or brake failure.

Ways to reduce car repair costs

Are you worried about the high costs of car repair? Do not worry, just take a look at the following ways:

  1. Replace the oil filter regularly. The engine is the most important factor to determine the overall life of your vehicle. New and clean oil is vital for a healthy engine.
  2. Choose a regular repair shop. It is best to select a special repair shop so as to better ensure the repair quality of your car. Of course, you can also select the nearest special one during the warranty period for some small hitches.
  3. Be careful when replacing parts. It is unnecessary to replace some worn parts, which will only add to your burden if you do so. In this regard, some parts and components, such as rear bumpers, doors and covers, should be changed as they cannot be repaired, for the cost of repair is far low than the cost of replacing parts.


Can dash cams increase safe driving?

REDTIGER dash cam is a powerful guarantee for traffic safety. Its wide-angle lens can easily cover multiple lanes and it can better protect your car with the motion detection function. The dash cam boasts an intelligent automatic collision backup function so that you will no longer feel at a loss when facing emergencies and can better master driving safety.

The dash cam will make reversing easy and safe, for it is equipped with front and rear dual lenses to record more comprehensively. It can broadcast speed measurements, traffic lights and other road conditions in real time while helping you avoid a speeding ticket, which can save time and slash your car expenses.

When you are driving, two cameras of the dash cam take pictures at the same time, and the road conditions are displayed on the same screen. With double security, the record is more complete. Additionally, the safe driving warning system of the product can sense the distance of the vehicle ahead at any time during your drive, reminding you of the potential dangers and effectively enhancing the safety of car driving.


Apparently, if you are inclined to slash your car expenses, REDTIGER dash cam is a good choice. The dash cam can ensure the safety of driving from many aspects, help you avoid falling into unnecessary traffic accidents as well as reduce repair costs of your car.

If you are interested in the above points about cutting down your car bills, you can click on our official website There are plenty of dash cams with various types and specifications that can meet your different needs.

The dash cam can not only lower the spending on your car, but also make driving safer. If every vehicle is equipped with a dash cam, the accident rate will be greatly reduced. It may also be the significance of the dash cam in the future, for safety is more important than anything. It can be seen as an invisible binding force, and in the meantime, a valuable investment.


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