Is It a Good Idea To Have a Mini Dash Cam for Car?

Is It a Good Idea To Have a Mini Dash Cam for Car? - REDTIGER Official

 Is It a Good Idea to Have a Mini Dash Cam for Car?

‚ÄĒRichard, 14th¬†Oct 2022


Nowadays, almost every household owns a private car, and people usually drive to and from work or go on a road trip by themselves. However, you will inevitably encounter trouble on the road. For the sake of driving safety, the dash cam has also become a necessity for private cars. But there are a variety of brands and models of dash cams on the market, which one will you choose? How about installing a mini dash cam for your car?


What Is a Mini Dash Cam?

The mini dash cam is a smaller, more compact version of the standard car camera for inside, which takes up less space and is usually less obtrusive. Some of the more traditional dash cams may be quite bulky and not always attractive to drivers sitting in a narrow cockpit. The mini dash cam is just the opposite. For it has a smaller size, it can be better hidden behind the rearview mirror, which will not block the driver’s vision and, at the same time, make the view broad and pleasing to the eye.


The Third Eye In The Car‚ÄĒSmall Dash Cam

The security camera for a car is like the third eye in the car when you are driving, and a smaller one will take less space in the car. In addition to small size, the mini camera for cars also boasts other advantages, like keeping you safe on the roads.

If the dash cam is much larger than the interior rearview mirror of your car, it will block the right view in the process of driving. When the road conditions ahead are almost invisible, especially in the ring ramp of the viaduct, it will be very dangerous. However, the mini dash cam can help you solve this problem. Due to its small size, it can be easily hidden in the car without blocking the line of sight, reducing the interference to you and making your driving safer.  

So, which brand of mini camera should you choose if you are intended to buy one? Here we would like to recommend F7N series products that can be found on our website. F7N series products include 3 types: F7NP, F7N and F7NS. The appearance of these models is the same, but their accessories are slightly different. For example, besides the suction mount and hardwire kit, the F7N dash camera has a rear camera and the F7NP dash camera has an extra 32GB card, while the F7NS dash camera only has a front camera. On balance, F7N series have better cost performance, and some details of F7N series products are as follows:

REDTIGER F7NP 4K Front Rear Dash Cam

The dash cam can not only be a travel assistant on the journey, but also capture the scenery along the way anytime and anywhere. If you encounter some unexpected situations, you can also retain evidence to protect your property. It is particularly convenient and necessary to choose dash cams with wifi, real-time storage and high cost performance.

If you want to save longer videos without paying extra for memory cards, REDTIGER F7NP 4K Front Rear Dash Cam well serves you. Because it owns an extra 32GB card for free. You can click here to view the product details. 


REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam

If you want to record the front and rear road conditions in an all-round way and have no requirements for a memory card, you can choose REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam. Except for the memory card, this one is the same as the F7NP. Just click here to view the product details. 


REDTIGER F7NS 4K Front Car Camera

If you only want to record the road conditions in front of you without monitoring the rear, REDTIGER F7NS 4K Front Car Camera is perfect for you. It has a 170¬į wide-angle front camera that can help you see the blind side of the road. Here¬†will show you some details about the product.¬†

We also have a product with a high cost performance ratio‚ÄĒREDTIGER F3 2.5K Dash Cam. Although its definition is slightly lower than that of the F7N series, it is our smallest and lightest product with built-in Wi-Fi. A large discount is now offered. If you are interested, you can click here¬†to browse the details.


The Pros And Cons of The Mini Dash Cam

The little car camera for inside is more of a help than a hindrance to you when driving. But why? Just read on and we will take F7N series for instance, so both the common and particular features will be explained in the following.

High Definition

People are always faced with a variety of choices when buying a security camera for a car, such as size and function, but there is also a very important factor, that is to say, definition. Compared with 1080P dash cams, F7N series, little cameras for cars with 4K video recording, can present more dynamic colors and have clearer picture quality.

The 4K resolution is 3840*2160, and the pixels can reach 8 million; the resolution of 1080P is 1920*1080 with only 2 million pixels, so the 4K definition is 4 times that of 1080P. It is obvious that F7N series can more clearly record the road conditions and the license plate numbers of surrounding vehicles while driving, so as to better assist in the judgment of traffic accident liability and make the judgment scientific.

Super Night Vision

Almost all the introductions of car cameras will mention the function of ‚Äúsuper night vision‚ÄĚ, but there are not many real night vision ones. Are F7N series an exception?

With Sony Starvis Sensor, F7N series run in a stable and smooth way. The reason why their night vision effect is excellent is that WDR and HDR technologies whose role is to balance the light and dark of the picture, improve the brightness of the picture taken at night, and also inhibit strong light reflection and backlighting are used. Therefore, whether in a strong light environment like sunny days and deserts or a dim light scene such as rainy days and parking lots, F7N series can adjust the appropriate exposure for shooting, finally presenting bright and clear images. This shows that F7N series boast super night vision in the true sense of the word.

Wide Field of Vision

The security camera for a car can not only be a travel assistant on the journey, taking pictures of the scenery along the way anytime and anywhere, but also retain evidence to protect your safety of life and property in case of some unexpected situations. It is particularly convenient and necessary to choose a dash cam with a clear record. Hence, F7N series are strongly recommended.

REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam and REDTIGER F7NP 4K Front Rear Dash Cam are equipped with dual lenses, with front and rear cameras having a wide angle of 170 degrees and 140 degrees respectively, detecting road conditions in all directions to guarantee your safety. Although REDTIGER F7NS 4K Front Car Camera only has a front camera, its view angle can also reach 170 degrees, which can ensure that there is no blind corner in the front of the vehicle so as to avoid scams(known in China as ‚Äúpengci‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúporcelain bumping‚ÄĚ).


Built-in WiFi

On top of compact design, F7N series also come complete with built-in WiFi. After connecting the WiFi signal of the dash cam with your phone, you can view and play back videos on the cam. Furthermore, you can download redtiger dash cam app to manage and edit videos as well as set the operating device.

If the cam does not have the function of WiFi, once an accident occurs, it can only be connected to the computer to obtain the evidence in the video, which is very inconvenient for sudden accidents that need to be handled in a timely manner. As a result, F7N series with built-in WiFi will bring more convenience.

Fast Charging Speed

Some dash cams are battery powered. If the battery quality is poor, the battery's endurance will be even worse, and there will be potential safety hazards. In addition, when the camera is hung on the front windshield, it will be directly exposed to the sun for a long time. Under high temperature environment, the service life of the battery is easy to shorten.

As F7N series do not have batteries, you can use the capacitor to charge your small dash cam. When the car starts, it will automatically charge the dash cam, which is very convenient. At the same time, the charging speed is fast and the way of charging is safer than using the battery, for the capacitor is resistant to high temperature and will not explode.

Large Memory Capacity

As the recreational life of the public becomes more and more abundant, recording methods also advance with the times. In the past, people thought that the dash cam was only used to monitor driving safety, so as to obtain video for evidence in case of an accident. Apart from necessary functions, the current dash cam can also record everything passing all day long. Thus, the scenery you want others to see in your eyes: the sea of stars, the afterglow of sunset, birds and trees... can be displayed in front of others through the car camera for inside.

Have you ever encountered such a situation: when driving alone, you pass beautiful scenery and want to share it with your friends, but you have to hold the steering wheel with two hands so that you cannot take any photos or videos? F7N series products can help you address this pain point. The maximum memory of F7N series products is 256GB(ordinary ones only support 128GB), which can meet the need of most people. These little cameras for cars are a good substitute for general cameras to record the scenery of the journey. You only need a data cable to transfer videos saved by the small security camera to your mobile phone or computer.


Drawbacks of Mini Dash Cams

Everything is a double-edged sword, so is the mini camera for cars. In short, it has some shortcomings but can be overcome by some excellent products.

First of all, some people hold the view that the images taken by dash cams have a certain degree of deformation, but this does not have an influence on the viewing effect. In recent years, the dual lens dash cam has gradually become popular. Since F7NP and F7N dash cams shoot at different angles at the same time, they can monitor both the front and rear situations, making the recording range wider.

The second downside is that the little dash camera with dual lens requires a higher processing capacity of the chip that is the core component of the camera as well as the part with the highest cost, so the one with a cheap chip cannot guarantee the stable operation. However, who says the price and the high quality cannot fix? Not only do F7N series have high-quality lenses, but also they are reasonable in price.

Thirdly, the mainstream resolution of the current dash cam market is 1080P, objectively speaking. If you drive faster than 100km/h, there is no guarantee that the surrounding license plate numbers and road conditions can be recorded clearly. Do not worry, F7N series have 4K resolution and the lighter and smaller F3 dash cam also owns 2.5K resolution, ensuring that the image is still clear even after being magnified.

Consequently, if you have been looking for standard-sized dash cams with wifi and think they are too large and bulky, installing a mini camera for cars may be a good choice, which is especially suited for the car with a smaller windshield. What’s more, if space saving is your main consideration, then it is very meaningful to buy a small dash cam.


Have You Already Made a Decision?

After reading the above, it can be seen that F7N series is worth buying as they are more cost-effective as well as relatively affordable among those with 4K resolution that support night. In order to become leading brand in dash cam industry, we have been working hard to improve the efficiency in all aspects of our products as well as putting more emphasis on feedback from customers. If you are still on the fence about buying a mini dash cam, just click here to see more details about our mini dash cams and other types of car cameras if you need.


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